The Ultimate Guide to Troubleshoot OTG devices on Android

There are chances that your OTG Pen drive doesn’t show up on your Android Device, don’t worry, we’ve got the solution for you.

troubleshoot otg file systemCheck Your File System

Format your Pen Drive and choose FAT or FAT32 as your file system. 

Generally all drives come with either a FAT or NTFS file system, most devices detect FAT or FAT32 file system drives.

Some devices may need NTFS and might not detect the FAT system, however this is unlikely but you should check using different file systems. If you need to use NTFS, ExFAT or other file systems for some reason use Paragon Tool(Might need root access in some devices), this apps lets you use NTFS or ExFAT devices on your android.

No Luck!? Use this app

otg checker pen drive

Easy OTG Checker

Use Easy OTG Checker app and check if your android device supports OTG devices, while most smartphones and newer android devices support all types of USB devices, you need to check if OTG drives are something that your device will not support.






If everything is fine and your device supports it, use

OTG Troubleshooterotg toubleshoot app

Use this app to check if there is something wrong with the connection or the OTG drive, just download it and follow the instructions on the screen.






More Troubleshooting Tips if it still doesn’t work

Please try the following Tips

  • Try restarting the device, insert the drive while the device is switched off and start the device
  • Try using OTG Explorer
  • Try Factory resetting the device, especially if Pen drive is initially showing up but gets disconnected after a few moments, just means that you need to try a different file system or factory reset your device (WARNING: All data and apps will be deleted on a factory reset from your device)

If nothing works and you still want OTG to work on your device:

Absolutely use this as a last resort, you might brick your device and make it unusable so please continue at your own risk

  1. Root Your Device
  2. Try using all the above tools I mentioned with root privileges. It should work if your device supports OTG.
  3. Use OTG Explorers, you can find many on Play store.

Your drive must be supporting the pen drive by now! If not, the only thing left to do is installing a custom ROM for your device or upgrading/downgrading your android version. But these steps should be done if you are confident as it might brick your device and leave it unusable, we in no way encourage or recommend you to root your device or flash it with a custom ROM, please do so at your own risk.


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